The Sony RX100 Mark III was a very popular point and shoot camera often proclaimed as the best pocket camera by almost every review source around. Now Sony has taken it to another level, by adding 4K UHD video capture mode to the newly released Mark IV.

Among many improved specs: including a 21-megapixel sensor, 4K shooting mode, the Mark IV brings back the popular articulated screen. First introduced on the Mark II, being able to point the viewfinder forward and ease self-shooting, it quickly helped the Sony RX100 become what many claim to be the best YouTube or Selfie camera available. The Mark IV also features up to 960 frames per second slow motion shooting, video stabilization, and a built-in neutral density (ND) filter.

Before you get too excited, the RX100 Mark 4 does not come without some issues, one of them is overheating problems. Recording Video at 4K is capped to five minutes, and trying to record multiple videos back to back results in the camera showing heat warnings and shutting itself down. It's also not cheap being priced at $948 on Amazon. Nevertheless, unless you need a camera to shoot continuous 4K footage, it's been touted as the best bang for your buck pocket camera by almost every popular tech reviewer and youtube vlogger around.

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