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Sony talks PlayStation Now at E3, public beta opens July 31

PlayStation Now
By Richard Devine on 10 Jun 2014 04:08 am

First seen at CES back in January, Sony has talked a little more about its PlayStation Now game streaming service in its E3 press conference. The big news is that the open beta for the service will begin on July 31 in the U.S. and Canada for PS4 owners.

Following this, PlayStation Now will then open up to PS Vita, PS3 and will also come to selected Sony TVs meaning that folks can get their game on without owning a PlayStation console. This was hinted at back at CES when we first saw the product but it's fantastic news that Sony has indeed followed through on that. All you'll need is a PS3 Dual-Shock controller and you're good to go.

Gamers with access to the beta will initially have 100 different PS3 titles at their disposal to stream just as they would a movie from Netflix or an album from Spotify. The Sony engineers we spoke to at CES said that just a 5mbps internet connection would be necessary to play games through PlayStation Now. According to The Verge Sony has disclosed pricing for the first time, with game rentals costing between $2.99 and $19.99. The higher of those seems a little steep just for one title but we'll have to see how it all plays out when it gets in gamers hands.

So, if you've been looking forward to getting your hands on this, mark those calendars.

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Sony talks PlayStation Now at E3, public beta opens July 31


I'm really interested to see how this ends up playing. I'm also very interested to see the pricing, which has been kept under wraps. If it's priced right then this could be a win for Sony.

Only time will tell though. Once the open beta hits at the end of July we should see more opinions of it hitting the web.

That’s a great move by Sony... I'm not a gamer, but to have access to the occasional game via just the TV and controller is brilliant!
At a minimal cost (compared to owning a PS, I should hope) I could have access for when I have people over who want to play. Or they could bring their on controller and play.