While the Samsung Gear S2 have been getting the spotlight in the Smartwatch market lately, Sony has been working on its unique concept smartwatch.

It's called the Sony Wena, and it's vastly different from the other smartwatches on the market today. The Sony Wena features its smart components built into the wrist strap itself, rather than the watch face. We've seen it before with Mont Blac and their e-strap, but Sony has taken it a step further. The watch itself is a very stylish analog watch built by Japanese watchmaker Citizen Watch Co. It comes in two versions: Chronograph or Three Hands, and both come in a 42-millimeter watch face. The Chronograph version tells time with three separate hands and dials for hours, minutes and seconds. While the Three Hands model features just a regular watch face.

The smart goods lay in the metallic strap clasp which has an LCD strip and a vibration motor built into it. It also features a built-in NFC chip for wireless payments and a pedometer for step tracking. The vibration motor can put out different vibrations while the LCD can flash seven different colors depending on the notification. While you can't see what the notification reads, the type of vibration or LCD color displayed can help you decide if you need to reach for your phone or not. The strap is a 22mm size, and may potentially work on other analog watches. For now it appears it will work with Apple devices running iOS 8 and above. The watch itself will last 3-5 years on its battery, while the smart clasp battery will last about a week before needing a recharge.

Sony first offered the Wena on its crowdfunding platform in the hopes of raising $83,000. It hopes to ship them out in March or April of 2016; the Silver Three Hands model will cost $287 and $576 for the black Chronograph version.

If you can read Japanese, check out the First Flight site for more info on the Sony Wena.