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Sony won't be using Android Wear in their smartwatches

By Adam Zeis on 25 Mar 2014 08:23 am

Sony won't be using Android Wear in any of their upcoming devices, Ravi Nookala, head of Sony Mobile's US arm, told CNET. They'll instead continue to work with their own mobile OS platform for their smartwatches. "We've already invested time and resources on this platform, and we will continue in that direction," Nookala says.

Sony smartwatches have been around longer than most, and even with the new Android Wear or Samsung's Tizen platform at the ready, Sony is sticking to what they know and will keep their devices on their own platform for the foreseeable future, while other big names like ASUS, LG and Motorola will all be putting out Android Wear devices.

Nookoala also says that even though they have chosen this route, they'll continue to work closely with Google on their products.

Update: So as it turns out, Sony isn't ruling out Android Wear completely, they're just focusing on their own OS for now. But there's a chance we may see some Android Wear devices down the road

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Sony won't be using Android Wear in their smartwatches


I'm gonna go out on a limb and say.... dumb idea.

Accounting 101: It's a sunk cost. You've spent the money past already. Pretty sure Android Wear is where the profitable future will lie. 

I was coming to comment the same thing. With full Google support running on a Smartwatch, those that don't follow will be left in the dust.

That said, the Pebble approach is very different. With durability and waterproof along with days of battery life, it stands a chance at becoming the smartwatch for the worker that wants a no fuss, straightforward solution to notifications and a little more.

My opinion.

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Oh Sony please don't be ignorant and stubborn as Nokia was with Android.
If you miss this train then you won't able to succeed.
Android Wear will be "the hip" for a next year or 2.
Please Sony make a Android Wear smartwatch that will be splash and dust resistant too. :)

Since Android Wear was announced and seeing the Moto 360, I question Sony and Samsung's strategy here. I'm sure both could easily port over to Android Wear or otherwise the XDA guys will port something over anyways. For me personally, it's all about the Moto 360 - if they can deliver it will be interesting - especially for Pebble.

Sony isn't an Android Wear partner, but Samsung is. So even if their Tizen strategy doesn't work, they have something to fall back on. Sony doesn't have to be bullheaded here, and they can figure out a way to work with Wear AND keep their own sinking ship of a smartwatch OS. But they must not want to.

If I understand Android Wear correctly, being a pared-down version of Android essentially, if ASOP-derived code is released by say XDA/CyanogenMOD and if I can flash said AOSP-derived code onto either a Sony Smartwatch 2 or a Gear 2/Neo (much like NullROM on the OG Samsung Galaxy Gear) I don't especially care what Samsung/Sony does as long as I can get the hardware fairly cheap. But I realize that's just me because how many people will flash a watch with a compatible ROM?

Actually this may be a smart move by Sony. It may be tough to believe right now but along with differing tastes in visual style, people will also want different experiences from their devices. There are likely loads of Android platform users that have no interest in Google Now. Some may want something a bit more simple and deliberate in execution. The budding wearables industry is one where manufacturers have a chance again to differentiate beyond the size and colors of their rectangular Android computer bricks. The user experience of the device will be as important as how it looks. Beauty (and function) in the eyes (and wallets) of the beholders. Choice is good and all that.

Who knows... maybe Sony has already seen Wear and was simply not impressed. Maybe they know something we don't know - probably a LOT actually. Not that I'm a Sony fan - but it seems silly to call them stupid when you know absolutely nothing about the "awesomeness" of Wear beyond a couple marketing videos.

**edit - this isn't a reply to anyone in particular, but the negative comments in general.

Android Wear is wrapped around Google's closed Google Now service. Samsung had to know this was coming before they released their three Tizen powered watches. Maybe Sony and Samsung didn't want to tie their smart watches into a platform they would have no control over in the future. As Google keeps moving more and more Android components to their walled garden the day could come when Google not only sets the terms but starts demanding royalties from their partners to continue using the services.

Google services should be a "walled garden". It's their service. Android Wear as a service with mild customization is a good idea as updated software would come from Google and devices would be current. The apps can be specific for devices and everyone is happy.

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