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Sony's World Cup bands for SmartWatch 2 are awesome!

By Richard Devine on 25 Feb 2014 01:49 pm

We already know Sony has released a Brazilian flavored SmartWatch 2 with a green and yellow band, but today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona we actually got to see it for real. Not on its own either, it was part of a World Cup display on the booth with other colorful SmartWatch bands. 

A Sony rep indicated that there should be one for each of the countries represented in Brazil this summer – though we'll hold judgment until we see them – but the green and yellow Brazil band is pretty fantastic. I love bright colors, and this one doesn't disappoint. I think I'd even be happy enough to take this one over a red and white England edition, though the yellow and black behind it is pretty hot too!

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Sony's World Cup bands for SmartWatch 2 are awesome!


Will these bands be for sale separately? I wonder if they would fit on the pebble watch too. I'd love to replace my current NATO band with one of these, maybe the black and lime or even pick up a few of them!

They look good. I wonder if they have quick release and quick install pins like the Fossil branded ones. That makes it super easy to swap out bands. I like swapping out between a few bands but the pins on the Sony metal band makes that one of the least used because it's harder to put on and off.

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