Soundhawk Bluetooth earpiece can handle your calls and give you super-hearing

By Simon Sage on 24 Jun 2014 12:37 pm

A new Bluetooth earpiece called Soundhawk was announced today which aims to improve your everyday listening. On top of the usual tasks of handling incoming calls and issuing Google Now or Siri commands, Soundhawk's mobile app helps you zero in on specific individuals you want to listen to, while eliminating excess background noise. It's easy to consider it a kind of hearing aid, but the creators are clearly saying that this is not a hearing aid, mostly to avoid the regulatory rigamarole.

Different scene modes, like Driving and Indoors, set different kinds of noise processing before shunting it to your ear in real time. The system will automatically adjust as necessary, but manual fine tuning is also available. There's a wireless mic to join the Scoop earpiece, so you can point it at desired targets or have them wear it, allowing you to get even clearer sound afforded by the built-in mics. The Soundhawk has 8 hours of battery life, plus a charging carrying case for another 24. Black and tan colors are both available to preorder for $279.

The idea of having non-essential enhancement of hearing abilities is certainly interesting, though the constant fiddling to tune it properly may prove to be more hassle than it's worth. In any case, it's a neat idea. Do any of you guys have hearing problems? Enough that you'd consider getting one of these, but not so bad that you need a hearing aid? What if something like this could be certified as a hearing aid?

Via: Engadget

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Soundhawk Bluetooth earpiece can handle your calls and give you super-hearing

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I have a hard time hearing what people are saying if there is any background noise. I'm already considering this device.

I don't like the mic that you have to clip to another person. I'm embarrassed enough about not being able to hear without asking them to wear a mic...