Watch yourself

Your average fitness tracker can tell you how far you've walked in a day or for how long, but how do you know what you're really capable of? Sowatch is a smart wearable that customizes workouts and monitors your health as you push yourself to the upper intensity of your abilities!

Sowatch, so what?

There is no shortage of wearable devices that will track your activity and possibly guilt you into working out more. For the everyday, healthy lifestyle, your big-name trackers will strike a nice balance between offering you the most important features for basic fitness tracking and do it in a stylish form. But when it's time to push the limits of your fitness routine and really step up your game, Sowatch wants to be there to help you make it happen!

Sowatch brings advanced levels of fitness tracking to a durable wearable. If you're training hard enough to worry whether you're going too far, Sowatch can help. It monitors your heart rate to keep you in a peak fitness zone, but it also can estimate your blood pressure, recognizing when you may pushing too hard. This watch tracks your temperature, blood oxygenation, and more to provide a detailed picture of your physical exertion in addition to your daily activities.


The watch is available in three colors and can go 10 days before syncing to a phone or computer.


Sowatch is an advanced fitness tracker measuring heart rate, estimating blood pressure, blood oxygenation, and temperature, helping you stay in your fitness target zone without over-exerting yourself.

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It does the normal stuff too

Sowatch is autonomous, so it can track your activity for days without syncing to a phone or computer. You can view your fitness progress and customize your workout information from a computer or the app. You can even share your custom workouts with friends to give them a real challenge!

The device itself is designed to be waterproof and resistant to temperature extremes, and with a built-in GPS it can keep an accurate count of your fitness activities no matter where you run or cycle.