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Travel the world, keep your valuables safe, and look incredible while you're at it.

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Money belts are so last decade. Aside from being bulky and awkward, they're just plain ugly. But you have to keep your stuff safe when you travel, right? Enter, the Speakeasy Travel Scarf, which not only keeps your valuables safe, it will add a rockin' element to your ensemble. The infinity scarves have a self-locking zipper and are designed so that your passport, cash, keys, or whatever you're tossing inside redistribute within the hidden pocket so that it looks like the only thing you're hiding is the secret of where you got such a fabulous accessory.

The Speakeasy Travel Scarf is the perfect solution to hiding your valuables and keeping them safe, whether you're an avid traveller, a busy student on the go, or just wanting to look incredible while you run errands around town.

Speakeasy Travel Scarves


Speakeasy Travel Scarves have a hidden self-locking zipper that hide away your passport, cash, or other valuables while you're traveling the world or running errands around town.

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I want to buy them all

The scarves are machine-washable, and the summer scarves are made from rayon, which feels cool to the touch. Speakeasy Travel Scarves come in nearly 20 adorable patterns. While, in theory, you only need to buy one for your purposes, the patterns are so insanely adorable (we're talking fun foxes, cute anchors, funky palm trees) and the colors are so bright and fun that you'll want to buy a different one for all your outfits. Seriously, you'll want to wear them even when you don't have anything to hide away inside of them!