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Sphero 2.0 robot ball is $30 off to celebrate National Robotics Week

By Derek Kessler on 14 Apr 2014 10:40 am

Today is the last day of Sphero's National Robotics Week sale, where you can get a Sphero 2.0 for $30 off. Normally $129.99, the discount brings the robotic ball that you can control with your iPhone or Android device down to $99.99. That's still a little pricey for what is essentially a toy, but it's a fancy robotic one. In addition being able to roll around at speeds of up to 7 feet per second, the Sphero 2.0 also contains a set of multi-color LEDs that you can light up and control. And by including inductive charging, Sphero is even waterproof.

Apart from just rolling around at your whim and freaking out the cat/dog/turtle, Sphero also works with a variety of augmented reality games through your smartphone. They include titles like The Rolling Dead, which populates the world with zombies your Sphero must avoid and golf in which your accelerometer-equipped smartphone becomes a club that bats the Sphero into a virtual hole.

Or you can just roll it around for hours of amusement. Thankfully, Sphero is also designed to take a beating, though for extra tough scenarios there's also a Nubby Cover offered to provide some extra grip and protection. A Sphero purchase includes the titular robotic sphere, an inductive charging base, and a set of ramps off of which you're encourage to drive the toy.

The National Robotics Week discount ends this week, so if you're wanting to grab a Sphero for $30 off, head over to Sphero's website and enter the coupon code NRW99 when checking out. And if you happen to miss out on this by the end of Monday, well, you can still grab a Sphero 2.0 from Sophero or Amazon for $129.99.

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Sphero 2.0 robot ball is $30 off to celebrate National Robotics Week


Just bought one from the Apple store on Friday at full retail. I missed out!!

It's fun though. I don't have any pets.... but having the Sphero makes me want to get a cat so I can chase it around w/ Sphero. Guaranteed laughs. :)