When it comes to calm, Spire is your rock

We live in a world of wearables which track all sorts of data. But only one is concerned with your mindfulness. Meet Spire.

An inspired idea

Spire looks a stone from a Zen garden. It is a device and a platform that can de-stress and calm your life by encouraging mindfulness. Mindfulness is being in the moment and aware of all the stimuli around you and how it feels to your body. But who has the time to chill in the middle of a frustrating meeting with a co-worker or relax during a stressful run-in with someone who gets on your nerves? The Spire wearable tracks your daily activities breathing patterns and the Spire app reminds you when it's time to take a deep breath and relax.



Spire is a wearable and an app that work together to track your activity and breathing throughout the day. Using this info you can learn what stresses you out and what you need to do to keep calm.

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Breath Easy

Your state of mind is influenced by how you breath. When Spire sense you're getting stressed out the Spire app will walk you through breathing exercises to help you keep calm. The app integrates with your phone's location services, calendar settings and more, so you can review your whole day's breathing pattern to get a better idea of the times and activities that affect your stress levels.

Spire helps you discover what causes your stress so you can deal with it better.