Spotify is now available on some Vizio smart TVs

Vizio M-Series
By Rich Edmonds on 25 Jul 2014 08:08 am

Vizio has today announced that Spotify is now available on select TV models. It's quite the move especially given the fact that Spotify is still pretty rare when it comes to the big screen with the likes of Xbox and PlayStation not supporting the music service yet. Vizio took to its official blog to confirm that Spotify will be coming to its VIA Plus enabled televisions.

Vizio Spotify

The only downside to this announcement is the lack of compatibility aside from a handful of models, including the 2014 E-series and M-series TVs. To use Spotify on Vizio TVs, you'll also need to have a Premium account set up and ready to go. Support for said TVs is covered on the Spotify website.

Source: Vizio, via: Engadget

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Spotify is now available on some Vizio smart TVs

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