The Sproutling monitor is a wearable for your baby

By Adam Zeis on 7 Aug 2014 12:10 pm

Think of the Sproutling monitor as a wearable for your baby. It's not so much a baby monitor in the traditional sense — where you can hear and/or see your baby — rather it's a tracker of sorts that lets you know how they're feeling, the ambient noise level, and of course, if their heart is beating. The small Sproutling band goes around your baby's ankle — sensing heart rate, skin temperature, motion, and position — and reports back to the companion iOS app so you're always in the know.

The Sproutling band comes in three sizes so it can grow with your baby, is machine washable, and charges wirelessly on the included charging pod. The pod also doubles as a monitor for things like sleep conditions, room temperature and humidity levels.

It's a step above the traditional baby monitor, but in our tech-loving world it's a great way to keep tabs on your baby and his or her patterns. I'm this close to pre-ordering one for myself, but this may be a bit much (even for me).

The Sproutling is available for pre-order now for $249. Check out more at

Source: TechCrunch

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The Sproutling monitor is a wearable for your baby