Home WiFi networks take on a lot more than they used to. There are phones, computers, tablets, wearables, thermostats, light bulbs, and much more vying for your WiFI. Eventually, things get slow, and we have no idea what device is doing what. Maybe your tablet is updating 30 apps while sitting on your nightstand, or that friend you gave your WiFi password too is parked outside your house catching up on five Netflix seasons of The Walking Dead. Most of us have no idea what our home networks are up to.

Meet Luma, the little router that can help you create the perfect home network, all while staying secure and letting you get an in-depth look at what's connected, and what's being done with that connection. Each Luma router can work with other Luma units to automatically create a mesh network. The companion Luma app will provide a listing of what devices are connected to your network, the amount of bandwidth each device is using, and even let you spy on connected users by showing you what sites they're visiting. It will even record and keep track of that history for up to a year.

Along with being a creepy sidekick for spying on people, Luma also lets you easily grant guest accounts to friends, set internet restrictions for your kids, and even set a daily internet schedule with curfews for different devices. Luma can also analyze your network and the devices connected to it, checking for viruses and spyware and alerting you to any problems.

One Luma device will work as a router while multiple units can pair with each other to help you build a complete mesh network. The app can check the coverage of the network, and make suggestions for moving each Luma to get the maximum WiFi coverage.

During the month of November, Luma pre-sale orders go for $99 for one unit, while a three-pack setup is $249. Those prices will jump to $199 and $499 after the November pre-sale. It will be available in white, silver, gold, and orange colors.

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