Start a farm in your kitchen!

Love the idea of gardening but don't have the room? Or maybe you don't have the skill? Try growing a food that is nearly impossible to kill and then you can eat in less than two weeks!

Suburban farmers

There's something to be said when you eat food made from ingredients someone has grown themselves. But honestly, who has the time to take care of a garden? The folks at Back to the Roots created kits for people just like. Their organic mushroom farm is an awesome way to easily grow your own food and then proudly add it to a meal your guests will love!

Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Farm

Tear open the front of the box, spray with water, and watch your mini farm grow!

This organic mushroom farm kit from Back to the Roots allows you to grow your own mushrooms right in your kitchen!


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You can't mess it up

So what do you do once you have your kit? There's not much to becoming a mushroom least if you're doing it on the mini-kitchen scale. Simply rip on the tearable front of the box. Mist it with water every so often. Watch as your mushrooms grow. Within about ten days you'll be chowing on organic food you grew yourself!

This is an awesome product for aspiring chefs and foodies, or a fun experiment to do with the kids!