Alienware Steam Machine

Valve's efforts to expand into gaming hardware have started, thanks to the company accepting pre-orders for Steam Machines, along with its Steam Controller and the Steam Link box. Pre-order shipments will begin on October 16, and the hardware will go on sale in retail stores starting on November 10.

Dell's Alienware division will have four hardware configurations of its Steam Machine, all of which will use SteamOS, Valve's Linux-based operating system that natively supports over 1,000 games so far. CyberPower will also sell three versions of its own Steam Machine, with other PC makers launching their own devices in the coming months. In addition to playing SteamOS games natively, Steam Machines can also stream Windows-based games from a local PC to a big screen TV. Prices for the first Steam Machines begin at $449 for the Alienware model and $499 for the CyberPower Steam Machine.

In addition, Valve is taking pre-orders for its own Steam Controller, which allows games that are normally controlled by a mouse and keyboard to be played on a gamepad. It's priced at $49.99. There's also the Steam Link, which connects to either a PC or Steam Machines to stream games to a big-screen TV, again for $49.99.

Source: Valve