Tip your hat to steampunk style

Two centuries ago everyone wore hats, and things were handmade to last forever. Overland combines these traits in their distinctive Trinket leather top hat.

Top That

The Trinket is one of many beautiful top hats designed by Overland. This steampunk style harkens to the Victorian era fashion with Wild West America materials. Fashioned from the finest leather in the USA, the Trinket proudly displays a treasure-trove of mementos acquired from fanciful adventures. Ammunition decorates the headband. A monocle dangles from a chain. And a working timepiece ticks away the minutes as you wear this stylish top hat.

Trinket top hat

The Trinket is a handmade leather hat from Overland.


The Trinket is a handmade, leather top hat evoking the fantasy, drama, and adventures of the steampunk subculture.

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Throw your hat in the ring

Creating a signature look isn't easy. But choosing the right piece to build your look around just got simpler. Crown yourself with Overland's Trinket top hat to distinguish yourself from ordinary. Create a look that is extraordinary.