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Strapping on the Omate X for wrist-served notifications

The new Omate X is stylish, but not as smart
By Derek Kessler on 15 Sep 2014 11:34 am

As the world of smartwatches advances forward at a rapid clip with the likes of the Apple Watch, Android Wear, and Samsung Gear S, we're reaching a point of bifurcation. There are the smart watches, and there are cheaper, simpler, notification watches. Some, like Pebble, bridge the gap between the two, but others like the Omate X have stepped back from full-fledge standalone smartwatches to something that might have broader market appeal.

At IFA 2014 we had the opportunity to get our hands on the upcoming Omate X, and we came away impressed. Unlike their first TrueSmart offering, the X goes for simplicity with a focus primarily on delivering notifications from your smartphone to your wrist. It does so in style, however. Unlike the first offering from Omate, the Omate X is relatively slim with a stylish aluminum frame (in black or brushed silver) around a blacked-out touchscreen display topped by curved glass. It accepts standard 22mm bands, and will be available with high-quality Moretti Milano leather bands. Like many smartwatches, the Omate X charges via a set of pogo pin connections on the back, though the square charger that attaches here does so with a satisfying magnetic force.

In use, the Omate X was relatively straightforward to navigate, with swiping to the four edges of the screen used to get around. The watch did exhibit noticeable lag, with swipes sometimes taking up to a second to register and the animation of moving to the next icon stuttering across the display. But by and large the Omate X is the kind of smartwatch you would wear to get notifications on your wrist and not much more.

The Omate X features compatibility with Android and iOS devices, is said to have a battery life of up to 7 days, and is available for pre-order now at $129.00. A specific release date, however, hasn't yet been publicized, though Omate expects to start full-scale production of the Omate X in October.

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Strapping on the Omate X for wrist-served notifications