The Aerelight A1 is an energy efficient lamp that uses OLED technology, and can also double as a wireless smartphone charger. Using just 1 Watt at its lowest brightness, and 9W at its max, the Aerelight is up to 85% more efficient than traditional 60W bulbs. Each Aerelight A1 is hand-assembled in Canada using sustainable and recyclable materials. The frames made from a single piece of anodized aluminium, with a brushed finished and natural wood accents. It offers 3-stage dimming control with any touch sensed by the lamp frame. The base acts as a wireless device charger with QI and PMA 1.5+ protocols supported.

Unfortunately, the quality of a hand-assembled OLED lamp does not come cheap. The Aerelight A1 will set you back $299, but if you're in the market for a stylish energy efficient lamp that can also charge your devices than this may be what you want.

Purchase a Aerelight A1 / $299