The convenience of your phone. The comfort of a laptop.

Your phone is super powerful, has all the files you want, and you take it with you everywhere. The Superbook harnesses that power to give you the body of a laptop with the brains of your smartphone.

Work anywhere

Your phone is capable of doing much more for you. It's just as powerful as a basic laptop, but the form factor of a phone doesn't always make it easy for serious work and productivity. The Superbook changes all of this. It's basically an empty body of a laptop that uses your phone as its brain. Plug your Android phone into the Superbook and suddenly you have all the files, apps, and contacts of your phone on a big screen with a keyboard, and multi-touch trackpad.



The Superbook allows you to use your phone like a laptop. Just plug your Android smartphone into the Superbook and you have the familiar feel and look of a laptop.

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Fewer devices

The Superbook has an 11.6 inch screen and about eight hours of battery life. It is capable of charging your phone when connected. Using the Andromium app, this Kickstarter device recreates a familiar file browsing and management interface that is reminiscent of a traditional computer. Because the Superbook uses all the files and apps on your phone, you never have to worry about syncing between devices or transferring over data.

The Superbook is the ultimate productivity tool ensuring you always have the work-feel of a laptop, without having to shell out the cash for multiple devices.