Every step you take

Everyone loves to wear sandals (sock free...please for the love of God, sock free). And for many we've come to accept that wearing sandals for too long means we get some blisters, sore feet, and aching knees. Superfeet examined the very soul of a sandal to redesign them for all-day comfort no matter what path you take.

A super idea

Superfeet have taken the years of experience they have in designing insoles that contour and support your feet and poured that knowledge to create the most comfortable pair of sandals you will ever buy. During the summertime or on a tropical vacation you want the sensation of being barefoot, so you throw on a pair of sandals. This foot freedom comes at a cost, which is usually at the expense of proper foot support. Superfeet Outside sandals cradle your foot and absorb the impact to your heel with every step you take.

Superfeet Outside Sandals

Superfeet Outside sandals were designed to be the most comfortable sandals you will own.


The Outside sandal by Superfeet has a layered foam insole and contours to support your feet in the most comfortable way, every step of your day!

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Step one, step in.

Layers of foam provide the perfect amount of comfort whether you're hiking toward the beach or kicking back by the bonfire. The deep cup heel carefully positions the soft tissue on the sole of your foot so the impact of your steps travels to the strongest part of your feet, so no matter what your daily step count, you won't be going to bed with sore knees, burning calves, or blistered toes. The quick-drying strap is comfortable on the top of your foot wet or dry, and the soles of the sandal are textured for solid grip, even on slippery surfaces.