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The Surge may be Fitbit's 'super watch'

The Surge may be Fitbit's 'super watch'
By Chuong H Nguyen on 19 Oct 2014 05:10 pm

Don't call it a smartwatch. Fitbit may be prepping a new fitness-oriented wearable called the Surge that is labeled as a super watch. Rumored to be priced at $249, the Surge will include a display large enough to show notifications along with GPS tracking, PurePulse heart rate monitoring, real time workout data, and sleep tracking.

According to leaked documents obtained by The Verge, the Surge will synchronize activity and fitness data throughout the day wirelessly with the Fitbit app and the wearable wrist accessory will be able to provide basic notifications for call and SMS alerts. The device may not offer all the smarts that the Apple Watch or Android Wear will be capable of, but it is aimed more at the fitness crowd.

Fitbit has so far not announced the Surge and the super watch is rumored to join the unannounced Fitbit Charge and Charge HR.

Source: The Verge

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The Surge may be Fitbit's 'super watch'


Obviously the watch will need to be connected to your Smart Phone for notifications/music, and I hope the sites are correct that it will not need the connection for GPS (using built-in GPS). The specs and features look good and I also hope they add a feature for a regular reminder (every hour during the day) to get up and move!

I think at this point they may just be too late to the party.

I had a Fitbit Force and it was really nice and I enjoyed using it but the promised software upgrades so you could receive notifications on it never came. Then the recall came so I sent it back because they were also promising that something new was coming very soon.... well 8 months later and they still haven't officially released anything. For a few months in the middle there I borrowed my wife's Fitbit One to hold me over since she was pregnant and not using it at the time. But when she had the baby I gave it back and ended up buying a Moto 360... and with this kind of competition out there I don't see Fitbit ever catching back up.

Don't get me wrong this looks like a great device for someone who is more of an athlete or runner but that just means that they have narrowed their consumer base dramatically. This is especially true for someone like me who just wants a wrist worn casual activity tracker that I can wear anywhere without looking like a cyborg. The Force was borderline acceptable for day to day use, it was a little obvious but not bad. The Flex wasn't bad either but I hated the fact that it basically gave you no useful information at a glance, at least the force was also a digital watch. Now they are about to release this new tracker which to me is just too big, too ugly, and too expensive compared to the other options currently available, especially when you consider the options from the Android Wear camp and the soon to be released Apple Watch.

I do realize that you lose the community aspect of things with an Android wear device and that part of the fun with a Fitbit was the goals, badges and friendly competition. But for me the only other person that I knew with a Fitbit was my wife and half of the time she didn't even wear it so the competition ended up being pretty one sided and pointless for me.

Long story short I wish you luck Fitbit but I just don't see this one taking off.

Keep in mind that they are expected to announce 3 devices on Monday, including updated versions of the Force, called the Charge. They will also have notifications, but with a smaller screen.

I also wonder about the positioning of this device - if FitBit is going after the serious athlete, they're wading into deep waters against the likes of Polar and Garmin, etc. In fact you could argue that the Polar M400 does even MORE than this new thing from Fitbit, for LESS money, $179 I believe is the planned retail for the Polar M400. And there are numerous device from Garmin/et al that are right in the wheelhouse of the Surge.

No it doesn't do the same things: it doesn't get your heart rate straight from your wrist. The Polar also costs 245$ if you add the heart rate monitor.... Which is still a separate thing!