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Swatch working on its own touch-based fitness smartwatch for 2015

By Rich Edmonds on 28 Jul 2014 06:16 am

Swatch is working on adding personal fitness tracking and other electronic functionality to its touch-based digital watches for 2015. It was previously rumored that the Swiss company would work with Apple to produce the iWatch, but Swatch CEO Nick Hayek denied these reports. Hayek has now shared with a Swiss newspaper that the company is working on adding fitness functions to its existing line of Swiss Touch watches.

The Swatch Touch line of watches will be adapted to better compete against watches available on the market today. The company has yet to bring a smartwatch to the market and it's interesting to see the CEO focus on adding more features but keeping everything simple and more 'watch-like'. "It will remain a watch, but will have all today's usual functions to monitor physical fitness."

Swatch still remains hesitant about smart wearables with interactive functionality, relying on third-party apps and services, but it's a strong step in the right direction to remain relevant. What are your thoughts on this move and would you be interesting in purchasing a new Swatch Touch with some fitness functionality?

Source: Reuters

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Swatch working on its own touch-based fitness smartwatch for 2015


Please just use Android wear so Swatch can offer some youthful style.

C'mon Casio. Where are you in all this?

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Although of course being aware of Swatch, I'd never heard of the Swatch Touch. Why is this line called Touch?

I'm sure most everyone knows the Swatch name, but do people still wear them? If so, where are they popular? It can't be in California. I'm sure we can't be representative of the entire world though.

Swatch owns many other watch companies. Omega, Tissot, Blacpain (if money is no object) among many others. Swatch is their low end brand.

I wear a swatch but only for sports. It was cheap, works well, is water resistant and can take the odd knock.

That said I would never wear it to go out or to work. I have a more dressy watch for that. I think swatch could take the market by storm like they did back in the 80s IF they get their smartwatch right.