Active Lifestyle? Codura jeans keep you covered!

Jeans are a go-to for every guy's wardrobe. The only problem is, you never know what your day will throw at you. Fortunately Swrve's jeans cover your back (and your butt) no matter what activities you get up to.

For urban explorers

An active lifestyle and jeans seem to go hand in hand. But your average denim pants are hot, sweaty, and just don't stretch when and where you need them to. Swerv thought about the needs of a modern man and created their line of Codura jeans with that in mind.

First, the pockets were designed to carry your stuff. Keys, phone, wallet, even a mini U-lock, you'll have spots to keep them and still be comfortable. Cycle to work? Roll up your pants cuff to keep it from getting caught in a chain and show off your the reflective hints on the pant's inside lining. And never worry about your boxers hanging out while you're on your bike or bending over because Codura pants have a high back to keep you covered.



Codura jeans were designed by Swrve for urbanites with active lives! Every consideration was made to ensure these are the most comfortable jeans you'll ever wear!

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Comfort is king

Comfortable pants are simply the best, but usually we give that up when wearing jeans. Things get squished that shouldn't be squished. Stuff sweats that just can't be aired out. And we deal with it. Codura was designed with four way stretch to make sure you're pants aren't pulling as you're moving around. Plus a low waisted-front means your belt isn't digging into your gut when you sit down. Codura jeans come in three fits and are one comfortable pair of pants.