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T-Band aims to convert your analog watch into a smartwatch

T-Band aims to convert your analog watch into a smartwatch
By Chuong H Nguyen on 14 Dec 2014 04:44 pm

Kairos is looking to turn your classic, non-smart analog watch into a smartwatch thanks to a clever accessory called the T-band. If you have an heirloom timepiece or an expensive wristwatch that you don't want to replace for what seems to be a disposable smartwatch, T-band essentially replaces the watch band or strap on your existing watch. A display and vibrating motor are built into the strap to give you the connected smartwatch experience from your smartphone. In use, it's similar to having a mechanical watch attached to something like the Microsoft Band.

The band will run the Kairos OS, not Android Wear, and will be able to push out notifications to your watch. An optional vibrating motor can gently alert you to notifications as well. The T-Band also has multiple sensors:

On board Kairos OS will be able to push notifications such as text messages, incoming calls, and also push alerts from available apps via a discreet multi-color LED indicator and/or vibrator motor. On top of having multiple sensors such as 9-axis gyroscope, accelerometer, compass and optical sensor, the ND model also gets GSR (Galvanic Skin Sensor) which detects skin temperature and sweat.

At this time, users will have the option of selecting two different display options for the T-Band strap. A hidden LED display will give you basic information and is said to last 2-3 days on a single charge. A more expensive plastic curved OLED, or P-OLED, panel will add color and a more vibrant experience.

The project right now is currently seeking funding through Indegogo with pledges starting at $129 for a strap with no display and just a vibrating motor, $159 for the strap with the concealed LED display, and $179 for the curved P-OLED display. You can add your favorite, vintage, or classic timepiece to the T-Band, or you can choose from Kairos' analog watch offerings as well, adding to the cost.

Thanks to Danny for the tip.

Source: Indiegogo

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T-Band aims to convert your analog watch into a smartwatch

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Done right I see this being awesome for many of watches catching dust because of my Gear S

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