Standing desks are getting quite popular these days. We know sitting in a chair all day is not very beneficial for our health, so as demand for standing desks is on the rise, companies are coming out with their spin on the idea.

This is the TableAir, and it's marketed as an ergonomic workstation created for professionals who care about their health as much as their productivity. Standing desks don't have to be complicated, and it's not hard to devise your own at home, but the TableAir aims to be innovative and helpful at making you more aware of your habits. Not many standing desks come with an app, but the TableAir does. It's only available for iOS for now (the Android version is coming soon). Once the app is connected and synced to your desk, you can set sitting and standing intervals that suit your needs. So when your set interval for sitting or standing is reached, the desk will notify you it's time to change wit up. It's a companion coach there to help encourage you to stand more and be more aware of your habits.

Setting the perfect height for your TableAir is fairly simple, on the desk surface you'll find a "smart button" that you press and hold to lower the desk. Alternatively, a quick press of the button and holding your hand in the air at the desired height will raise the desk to that level. The table itself is wrapped around in integrated LED ambient lighting that can be fully adjusted on a wide color spectrum using the companion app. The entire table is sleek and modern looking and could serve as the centerpiece of any room.

With all that said, the TableAir isn't cheap. There are currently four different variations of the desk at two different price points. A simple white or dark glossy surface will set you back €2,299 ( $2450 USD) while American Cherry or Dark Walnut options will cost a whopping €2,799 ( $3000 USD).

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