TAG Heuer's reported to be teaming up with Intel for wearables

Intel's working to make a smarter TAG Heuer
By Derek Kessler on 9 Dec 2014 02:19 pm

There's a chance your next TAG Heuer wristwatch may have some smarts inside it, courtesy of Intel. Apparently the Swiss luxury watchmaker has teamed up with leading silicon provider Intel to produce a TAG Heuer wearable, and they might show it off as soon as CES 2015 in January.

According to the report by Business Insider, you shouldn't expect an Apple Watch- or Android Wear-style device. Instead the watch is said to be more like the Withings Activité fitness watch, which features a full analog watch face and no immediately-visible electronic bits.

There's the possibility the watch might be delayed to later in 2015, but TAG Heuer and Intel are shooting for that January CES unveil. For their part, Intel's been pushing hard on wearable tech and is even reported to be powering the next version of Google Glass. Regardless, we'll be on-hand in Vegas next month to see just what TAG Heuer and Intel might have in store. Whatever it is, be prepared to pay — TAG's Heuer's cheapest watch retails for a mere $1250.

Source: Business Insider

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TAG Heuer's reported to be teaming up with Intel for wearables


I love TAG Heuer and am wearing one right now! (A Monaco Calibre 12.) I hope they proceed cautiously. Their brand name is golden, so I'll guess they've thought very carefully about whatever secret project is being discussed here.

I used to love Tag until the hand on my Carrera fell off three weeks outside the warranty and they wouldn't make good on it. Love my new Bell & Ross Carbon Orange :)