Houston, we have lift-off with Mars

You've had sleek speakers, and you've had powerful subwoofers. But you've never had your very own awe-inspiring, levitating sound system. Until now.

Meet the floating future of music

Yes, the floating future. Mars is a speaker created by Crazybaby that levitate with absolute stillness to give you the most incredible listening experience you have ever had. The sophisticated Mars Gravity levitation technology that allows the speaker to float 20 mm above its subwoofer incorporates zero-loss acoustics so you can truly enjoy melodies in their purest forms. And you can control the flight of this little UFO with the companion app!

The design of Mars is out-of-this-world. Its sleek electroacoustic shell is made of aircraft grade aluminum and it will transport you into another audiovisual world. You will not find a single charging port on this speaker. Instead, when power is low and descends below 20 percent, the device slowly lowers and touches down on the subwoofer base to boost itself on the wireless charging deck. But that won't happen until after nearly six hours of play time.

Mars by Crazybaby


Mars is a levitating speaker designed to give you the most incredible listening experience you have ever had. It floats 20 mm above its subwoofer and incorporates zero-loss acoustics.

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Base brings bass

The base of your Mars craft brings powerful bass with a built-in three-and-three-quarter-inch, low-frequency driver. It also has a built-in one-and-three-quarter-inch, medium-high frequency driver, and the dual speaker system creates a crisp and rich harmony. Mars is available in Black and White editions, or more fittingly, in the Space Gray edition.