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The Tesla 'D' may have been seen already

By Richard Devine on 3 Oct 2014 06:20 am

On October 9, Tesla will be pulling the wraps off its next electric car, teased by CEO, Elon Musk, as the 'D.' A week out, the first real world images of the new model look to have been seen with this photo being posted to the Tesla Motors Club owners forum. If it all pans out it looks like 'D' is referring to a P85D version of the Model S, though what D actually means we'll need to wait a while longer to find out.

It is likely that the P85D will be a step up in terms of performance and or general spec, though no details accompanied the photo. Whatever it is it certainly seems legitimate, and as big fans of the current Model S we're excited to see whats new on October 9. For now we'll just silently salivate while we think of what might be.

Source: Tesla Motors Club via The Verge

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The Tesla 'D' may have been seen already


Far to costly.. I'm getting an Elio from Elio Motors.. hard to argue with 84 MPG regular gas at $6800 price starting point.. as apposed to $40k + with Tesla.. A Tesla costs more than a house payment for me. LOL

I'll admit, the Elio is a risk as it's a startup.. but the cost-to-risk to get in-line to pre-order is so small that it's worth it to me over a $40k vehicle.. something I'll never be able to afford.

I just saw someone with a white one about five minutes ago. Here in North Lake, Florida. What a coincidence.

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