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The Tesla 'D' may have been seen already

On October 9, Tesla will be pulling the wraps off its next electric car, teased by CEO, Elon Musk, as the 'D.' A week out, the first real world images of the new model look to have been seen with this photo being posted to the Tesla Motors Club owners forum. If it all pans out it looks like 'D'...
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Tesla Model S software update brings remote start, commute advice and more pesonalization

Tesla is dropping a new OTA update for Model S owners that brings along some new personalization features and also makes the car smarter about an individuals preferences. In addition to being able to name your car, the update features traffic-based navigation, location-based air suspension,...
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How connected cars could make driving safer for our kids

Most cars today are not connected to the Internet in any way. In time I think we all know that's going to change, and when it does I have a feeling it stands a chance at turning our kids into safer drivers. Three weeks ago I took possession of a Tesla Model S electric car. When i wrote about my...
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Four days with the world's most awesome and connected car

On Monday afternoon I made the drive over to Tesla Motors in Toronto to take delivery of my Model S electric sedan. In the four days since delivery I've been busy showing the car to friends, family, and total strangers who are curious when the silent sedan pulls into a parking spot, or when I...
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Tesla Model S hitting UK roads in June with steering wheel on the right side

Tesla's long awaited arrival in the UK is all set to kick off in June, with the first vehicles – with the steering wheel on the correct side, no less! – getting into public hands. Accompanying the grand launch will be the creation of the "electric highway," a network of Tesla Supercharger...