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Tesla Model S hitting UK roads in June with steering wheel on the right side

Tesla Model S
By Richard Devine on 20 May 2014 06:42 am

Tesla's long awaited arrival in the UK is all set to kick off in June, with the first vehicles – with the steering wheel on the correct side, no less! – getting into public hands. Accompanying the grand launch will be the creation of the "electric highway," a network of Tesla Supercharger stations between Dover/Bristol and London and along the length of the M1 motorway. Drivers of the most expensive models are expected to receive free unlimited access to the Supercharger network, while others will pay a one-off fee to receive the same.

With the claimed range of around 300 miles to a full charge on some versions and the possibility of an additional 130 miles from just 20 minutes charge at one of the Supercharger points, the Model S should get you the length of the country on just one stop. Sometimes living in a small country has its benefits! By contrast, many existing electric cars on sale in the UK get around a third of the Tesla's range.

The Tesla Model S isn't like any other electric vehicle on sale in the UK, though. From it's size, incredible turn of pace and general all round appearance, the Model S will stand out in a crowd that currently includes the Nissan Leaf and frankly awful G-Wiz.

Model S Interior

The party piece inside the Model S is the giant 17-inch touchscreen centre console that among other things allows you to connect to the web on the move. Not to mention the various official and unofficial mobile apps already available for different platforms that let you hook right into your shiny new electric wheels.

The face of the British electric car scene may be about to change for the better and it'll be interesting to see what adoption of the Model S is like through the remainder of 2014. If I had upwards of £50,000 lying around to pick up a new ride, I know I'd definitely consider it. How about you?

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Tesla Model S hitting UK roads in June with steering wheel on the right side


I could only dream of a ride like that.. these are still a luxury in my mind.. until they get down to $10-15k or less in after market used sales... ..

That is great news for people in those areas! I think the lines of the car are gorgeous! I see a few even where I am from. All the way up north in Canada! Hope for continued success for this brand.

What a beauty. I happened to meet someone testing this car the other day. Had the chance to sit inside and take pictures of it. And yes, the steering wheel was on the correct side! But that particular model was about £90k. Ouch.

Go on the website and hit the button that says "max out my Model S." Over £100k! A lottery winning purchase for me though if it ever happens ;-)

I have seen one in person and it is indeed a very sharp looking car. Great for what you get too, but unfortunately out of my budget

The Tesla is the best looking electric car around, but electric isn't the way to go. The better option is the hydrogen cell cars like the Honda clarity.

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It's a great car all around, from what owners have said when I ask them. Out of my price range. But hopefully they will eventually manufacture less expensive models.

Enjoy UK!

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What a car!
I hope I can get a ride in such a car like that.
300 miles pure electric is more than enough for me :)

Great car. 300 miles is way more than all the competitors offer. I like the middle console. It's just terrific.

I want to buy a model x so bad to haul my kids around in. Too poor, but at least Elon is saying as production ramps up, the cost of the electric cars should fall.