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Tesla unveils Powerwall, a backup battery pack for your home

By Rich Edmonds on 1 May 2015 06:11 am

Tesla today unveiled the Powerwall, a new battery product that the company states will be able to provide juice to your home. The new products come in two configurations, $3,500 for 10kWh or $3,000 for 7kWh, offering backup power to keep household devices running should the main power grid fail.

So how does it work exactly? Powerwall can either store electricity generated by solar panels on your property, or from the power grid during more affordable off-peak times. And since we enjoy having a choice when it comes to smartphone colors, Tesla will launch the Powewall in a variety of colors to suit different tastes.

Should you require more stored power than 10kWh or 7kWh, it's possible to install more than one unit and combine them for greater capacity.


The company certainly has ambitions for a greener future with not only new automobiles powered by rechargeable batteries, but also new ways for home owners to save save some power and switch to green alternatives. Expect to see the new Tesla Powerwall released later this year.

Interested in picking one up? Reserve your Powerwall by heading to the source link below:

Source: Tesla Powerwall

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Tesla unveils Powerwall, a backup battery pack for your home


Pretty cool. But I think at this point a generator set is probably still a much better investment if you're in the kind of place where you may lose power. Unfortunately.

Wubba lubba dub dub!

I think this is more about convenience, adoption, and easy future expandability as more power as neededed if power requirements in the home grow. Sort of a set it and forget it.

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