Model X

Tesla CEO Elon Musk surprised everybody when he showed off Biodefense Mode at the Tesla Model X Unveiling

Tesla Motors has unveiled its long-awaited Model X crossover, delivering the first production-ready cars to customers later today. The car shares a lot of design similarities with the Model S, but comes with three rows of seats that can comfortably accommodate seven people.

The notable feature in terms of design is the rear vertical "Falcon Wing" doors, which are hinged to allow for opening in enclosed spaces like a garage. The front doors, meanwhile, come with an "auto present" feature through which they automatically open when you're walking up to the car, and close once you're inside. Another new feature on the Model X that Tesla's Model S sedan doesn't have is Biodefense mode, a climate control setting made possible by the Model X's BIG air filters. The car can pretty much filter out everything nasty that's in the air outside.

The windshield stretches up, giving you a panoramic view of the outdoors. Inside, the center console is dominated by a 17-inch touchscreen that responds to voice commands, and a seventeen speaker audio system.

The powertrain on the Model X is a tweaked version of what we've seen on the Model S, offering all-wheel-drive and total BHP of 762 that culminates in a top speed of 155mph. The car accelerates from 0 to 60mph in a tad over 3.2 seconds, which is just a shade slower than the Model S. The Signature Edition of the car, which costs $130,000 comes with a 90 kWh battery that's good for 250 miles on a charge.

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