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These Apple iWatch concepts show off two gorgeous models

By Adam Zeis on 13 Jan 2014 09:26 am

We've yet to see (or hear) much officially from on the iWatch front. It's been rumored for months that Apple will release a smartwatch later this year, and while that may or may not be true, it hasn't stopped the rumors from flying. The latest set of awesome comes from designer Martin Hajek who came up with two designs — an iWatch s and an iWatch c.

The two watches follow in line with the latest iPhone, having a top-tier flagship model and a lower-tier device as well. Both of these concept designs look amazing and could totally pass for acutal Apple devices — though we'd imagine the real iWatch will look much different. 

Hit up the designers's site here to see even more on both of these devices.

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Reader comments

These Apple iWatch concepts show off two gorgeous models


Nice concepts, not sure if Apple will initially follow the premium and budget range like Pebble has. Maybe in the second year, the first year maybe defined by the watch straps.

Can't wait for Apple to "invent" curved displays! Not sure using a touch UI in a backwards-curved face would be very good though...

Don't think Apple invents, they design and innovate. Besides, curve displays have already been invented by Samsung and LG. Apple will likely use one of the two for a supplier.

Waiting patiently for Apples iWatch. Great concepts, I just hope the glass is made of Sapphire, as for the hardware, software and features I'm confident it will add up to a winner

Hopefully they will learn from Samsung's mistake and make their watch cross-platform. I'm not an iOS user, but I'd be very interested in Apple's take on smartwatches.

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Yeah, like THAT will happen. I'm interested in what they'll put out, but there is no doubt in my mind that "cross-platform support" will not be on the feature list.

It's just a curved display Nano. I do like the leather watch band tho.

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I wonder if it will be more of a watch with a leathery wristband or an aluminum bracelet with a display covering half of it?