YouTube tech and fitness reviewer Jeff Rizzo put up a video breaking down the five best action cameras on the market today. His focus was on media quality, design, durability, mounts, apps, battery life, and ease of use. If you're not familiar with Jeff and his YouTube channel, he is a fitness fanatic who likes to film his workout videos for his YouTube channel. These were the best action cameras to help him do that. Almost all the action cameras on his list retail for around $400.

5 - TomTom Bandit: This is TomTom's first take on the action camera, and it retails for $396.99. The TomTom features a built-in media server that allows you to edit videos right from the camera. It also has a built-in motion and GPS sensor that will visualize your speed, altitude, g-force, acceleration and heart rate right onto your video. The TomTom shoots up to 4K video at 15 fps. It features a 1900 mAh Batt-stick for plenty of battery life, but the factory lens is not waterproof, and the mounting solution lacks the flexibility of the GoPro system. It also does not have an LCD screen and requires your device for playback.

Purchase the TomTom Bandit / $396.99

4 - GoPro Hero4 Session: The newest camera from GoPro is also the smallest action camera and the #4 pick on the list. This tiny camera is very versatile and uses GoPro's easy-to-use mounting system. Its also comes waterproof right out of the box without needing a case. It has dual microphones for great sound and features an easy one-touch recording button. However, it does not have an LCD screen, no removable battery option, and will only shoot at 1080P. The GoPro Hero4 Session retails for $399.99

Purchase the GoPro Hero4 Session / $399.99

3 - GoPro Hero+ LCD: It's slightly larger than the GoPro Hero4 Session, but it does feature a full-color touch LCD screen on the back that makes it easy to visualize and playback your recordings. It will shoot up to 1080p at 60 frames per second and is waterproof in the stock skeleton housing. The major complaint by Jeff and others is the sound quality offered by the Hero+ when used in the stock skeleton case. However, at $299 the Hero+ is cheapest action camera on the list.

Purchase the GoPro Hero+ LCD / $ 299.99

2 - Garmin VIRB XE. Similar to the TomTom Bandit, the Garmin will also collect data from its built-in GPS and any external sensors to visualize the data onto your videos. The Garmin VIRB XE is waterproof up to 50 meters and uses the same mounting solution as the GoPro line that gives endless mounting possibilities. Perhaps its only drawback is that it limited to a max of 1080P at 60FPS. The Garmin Virb XE also retails for $399.99.

Purchase the Garmin VIRB XE / $399.99

1 - GoPro Hero4 Silver - The #1 action camera you can get on the market right now is the GoPro Hero4 Silver. Like the GoPro Hero+ LCD, it features the same touch color LCD on the back of the unit. The GoPro Hero 4 Silver will shoot up to 4K video at 15 FPS. Its waterproof in its factory case, and has unlimited mounting potential with the GoPro mount. The GoPro Hero4 Silver retails for $399.99 and has been the best action camera since its release in 2014.

Purchase the GoPro Hero4 Silver / $399.99

Thanks to Jeff for the video.