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These concepts show what a Nokia smartwatch may look like

By Adam Zeis on 13 Jan 2014 02:21 pm

With some beautiful Apple iWatch concept designs already floating around, we came across some amazing renders for a Nokia smartwatch as well. The concepts come from Jonas Dae and show off what a Nokia device might look like. The watch seen here has no buttons or physical connections which is very much part of the allure of the device. 

First examples of my new little project. It based on an old leak, which is plausible. It's not done. I'm currently working on it.

It's a touch device and has no physical buttons or connections, just one reset dot on the back. You share your data via NFC and Bluetooth/Wlan and it provides wireless charging.

Rumors are abound that a Nokia watch may be released later in 2014, though we haven't seen much evidence of that yet. Fingers crossed that if one does show up it looks like this bad boy.

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Reader comments

These concepts show what a Nokia smartwatch may look like


Want. But I would also be fine if Nokia/MS just want to team up with like oh idk Pebble to create a great experience for WP8 users with that watch. Essentially cutting cost for them...

See ... I was || this close to getting the Kreyos and y'all gon' go and post some 'ish like this ... damn, gotta wait now

I saw this a couple days ago. When it comes out, I said when not if, I am buying this the day it is available for pirchase. This guy did the renders looking the actual image that was leaked last year.. So the final product is going to be very close to this.

That is fairly awesome looking, very sleek and I love the icon concepts. A shame concepts generally don't end up being practical enough for real world manufacturing. :-/