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These Fun'iki smart glasses will light up your eyes

Fun'iki glasses will light up to let you know of incoming alerts and notifications from your phone
By Chuong H Nguyen on 19 Jun 2014 08:53 pm

If Google Glasses are more geek than chic, then Fun'iki's simplicity approach will light up your eyes and perhaps bring some delight to getting notifications. As a fashionable pair of connected specs, the Fun'iki smart glasses will connect to your smartphones and colorful LED lights will glow whenever you receive calls or notifications.

"FUN'IKI Glasses is linked to smart phone and fully coloured LED light + beep sound from its small speakers will notify you a numerous information without taking any action," the company advertises. "No more hustle checking your smart phone every single minute and it looks cool."

Additionally, you can even set light and sound patterns. The glasses come with built-in speakers, an accelerometer, ambient light sensor, and has a single mechanical button. Internally, the glasses is powered by a USB rechargeable battery.

Functionality of these connected spectacles would be more limited to the feature-rich Google Glass, which comes with a heads-up display.

And even when the glasses aren't connected to your phone, you can still wear them as normal glasses. Another benefit to being simple is that rather than the $1,500 asking price of Google Glass, Engadget reports that Fun'iki will retail for around $150.

Source: Fun'iki via Engadget

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These Fun'iki smart glasses will light up your eyes