Smart outdoor home security

If you've ever had your home broken into, you know how uncomfortable it can feel living there afterward. You're on edge, thinking it could happen again at any time. Nothing feels safe or secure. Kuna is trying to change that by preventing break-ins in the first place. Kuna will help you transform your old outdoor light fixture into your home's smart defense.

Prevention, not just detection

Kuna is an award-winning, smart, Wi-Fi camera built into an elegant outdoor light fixture that helps prevents break-ins by alerting you when people are at your front door, back yard, or side entrance.

Whether you're at home or away on vacation, Kuna keeps you up-to-speed day or night on what's happening outside your home with a live HD video feed, advanced activity alerts, and cloud recordings.

Kuna's smart detection technology records activity 10 seconds before an event is triggered, so you can see when people are approaching from a distance, instead of when they're already at your front door. Kuna's instant, two-way communication allows you to speak to visitors or couriers through the fixture from your smartphone, so if you're busy and can't come to the door, you can let them know. Or if there's someone shady at your door, you can turn the light on to let them know they're not alone. You can also sound your alarm from your phone to deter any sketchy activity that's about to go down.



Kuna is an HD outdoor home security camera and smart light that helps prevents break-ins by alerting you when people are at your front door, back yard, or side entrance and allowing you to speak to them through the fixture, turn the light on, or sound your alarm using your smartphone.

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Property peace of mind

You can use multiple Kuna Smart Security Systems to monitor and protect several properties, even in other states. Perfect for AirBnB properties, your cottage, or your small business location.

And no matter where you want to install Kuna, you know it's going to complement the look of the building. Kuna is available in different styles and finishes to match any homeowner's style: Craftsman (black or bronze), Traditional (black or bronze), or Contemporary (black).