It's up to you to find yours.

Play your favorite music, open your garage door, be on time for every meeting, never lose your keys, bag or car again, switch on the lights, take a selfie, or find out when your kids make it to school safely, all with one smart, connected button.

One button for everything

TiBe Connect is an Indiegogo project that will make your everyday actions happen in a snap. Just download the TiBe mobile app to turn your TiBe Connect into a smart, connected button or key fob.

With just one click (or a double-click, or a long hold...whatever you want to configure), TiBe can find whatever you attach it to using the latest Bluetooth Low Energy Technology (Bluetooth iBeacon). Find your lost keys by chirping and lighting up so you can quickly and easily locate them. Track down your bag in a busy airport or locate your car in a full parking lot by sticking TiBe on your dashboard. If you're too far from whatever you're looking for, its last known location will be displayed on a map in the TiBe app, and you can even ask other TiBe app users to help you find your lost items.

You can also connect TiBe to your other smart home devices to make life easier. Take a selfie, listen to your favorite music, turn your lights on when you get home or off when you leave, open and close your garage door or get a pot of coffee brewing, all with the push of your TiBe Connect smart button.

TiBe Connect


TiBe Connect is a smart button remote that connects to your IoT things to so you can find lost items or automate everyday activities in an instant.

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Automate everyday tasks

TiBe is the first app to be integrated with IFTTT, making it easier than ever to automate your routine, everyday activities.

You can connect up to five TiBes to one smartphone, and they each have a range of 130 feet. TiBe Connect is available in a white outershell with a colorful target in the middle of the button.