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Timex's Ironman smartwatch works without a smartphone

Timex Ironman
By Harish Jonnalagadda on 6 Aug 2014 04:05 am

Timex's latest entry in the Ironman line of GPS watches, the Ironman One GPS+, comes with a lot of features found in other smartwatches designed for athletes to track their activity, with one major addition — the watch comes with standalone 3G connectivity that allows you to track and upload your runs, assign contacts to monitor your run and broadcast your location — all without having to connect to a smartphone.

The watch also has a built-in email-based messaging app that allows your contacts to get in touch with you by sending messages to a special email address. The Ironman One GPS+ connects to AT&T's cell network, and comes with one year of free 3G connectivity. The technology itself that allows the watch to connect to cellular networks without the need to pair with a smartphone comes from Qualcomm.

Other features of the watch include a 1.5-inch Mirasol display that is similar to the one showcased on Qualcomm Toq, 4 GB storage for music, which can be transmitted to a Bluetooth headset, 8 hour battery life with GPS enabled (three days without) and water resistance for up to 150 feet.

Timex hasn't mentioned when the Ironman One GPS+ will be available, but if you're interested, you can pre-order the watch right now for $399. Timex isn't the only watchmaker looking to offer ruggedised watches with smart features, as Casio has announced that its latest offering in the G-Shock series will feature SoundHound integration.

Are you excited by what Timex's smartwatch has to offer?

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Timex's Ironman smartwatch works without a smartphone


Not bad. The idea of going running without a phone has to be the right one, and the ability to bring my music. Mirasol is an excellent choice for visibility. Absurdly, Timex will only show the specs if I establish an account with them. I guess that's why you are vague on the specs too, huh? It comes with a heart monitoring chest strap, but all other specs are in the dark. I wanted to know if it's got interval training, and wether it could serve as a smart watch in terms of signalling received calls. Probably not. I'll just wait for the reviews then.

I've got a Polar watch, used frequently for 11 years now. I got for its programmable interval training. I noticed the display got foggy when I went swimming with it. Polar replaced the entire case for 70 dollars, and it's as good as new again. Fantastic service. Good for running and swimming.

Not bad really. Too pricey but the free year of data is a nice add on. Now to Crack into the little sucker to have a free 3G hot spot on my wrist lol.

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@ GADGETY.... Found this on the page right before you go to pre-order:

"Additional performance features include customizable interval timers, audible and vibrating pace and heart rate alerts and notifications when you've achieved a personal record"

No word on whether it will act as a "companion" device and connect to your smartphone tho.