The TiVo Bolt Unified Entertainment System is 4K ready and lets you binge with Quickmode

TiVo has introduced its newest ' Unified Home Entertainment System ' called Bolt.

It's an odd shaped little rectangular device that will offer 4K streaming on top of its DVR feature that TiVo has become known for. The arched shape it comes in gives it a unique artsy look while serving some cooling functionality. It's available in 500GB or 1TB storage options, which you can fill with while recording up to four shows at once.

Besides working as a DVR, the Bolt lets you stream from popular services such as Netflix, Youtube, and Plex with Amazon, Hulu and others coming at a later date. The Bolt hopes to make TV binging more convenient by offering a few neat features. One of them is a SkipMode, which tags the location of commercials and allows you to skip over them. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it will work with all shows so you might still have to endure some commercials. However, a new QuickMode can speed things up, by letting you watch recorded programs at 1.3x their normal speed. If you're wanting to binge on a TV series even faster than this might interest you.

The 500GB Bolt will retail for $299 while the 1TB version is $399. Both will come with a one years subscription to TiVo service. It's another option in home entertainment players competing with the likes of Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast and Roku. All of which offer streaming services at a much lower cost. It does however still serve as a great DVR for who haven't yet cut the cord.

Order from TiVo / $299.99