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TiVo Mega with 24 TB of storage could be the last DVR you will buy ... for $5,000

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By John Callaham on 8 Sep 2014 08:00 am

TiVo will launch a new class of consumer DVR in early 2015 with the TiVo Mega, which will have a massive 24 TB of storage to record TV shows, but it will also cost a huge amount as well: around $5,000.

TiVo says:

A rack-mountable appliance with 30 times the capacity of most cable or satellite DVRs and user-swappable drives, TiVo Mega features six tuners that can record a multitude of content simultaneously and support the TiVo Mini for the ultimate whole-home solution. Users can stream live TV or recordings to their smartphones and tablets and even download programming to enjoy for offline playback."

If you could afford it, would you want to get the TiVo Mega?

Source: TiVo

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TiVo Mega with 24 TB of storage could be the last DVR you will buy ... for $5,000


Oh yes, no more "You deleted my show" arguments. This would probably be more user serviceable. The current set top boxes have a fan that goes out after a couple years and Tivo will only sell you a new box to replace it and the new boxes don't get to keep your lifetime service contract.

Last DVR ? LOL....Yea, in 5 years they wont support it any more and in 7 years your TIVO wont even work any more and the models 5 years for now, wont even support it any more. Besides in 5 years your menus on your DVR will be old and you'll hate them.

Just get a portable NAS and connected to a TIVO or DVR that supports external drives, would give plenty of space for a 1/3 of the cost...

"would give plenty of space for an 1/5th of the cost..."
Fixed that for you. :)

If there was one that supported network drives, you could build a decent array, and share out TBs of drive space via SMB or NFS. I know it can be done, just not sure if it can be done within the legal realms of TiVo. HomeRun and an array/NAS anyone? :)

EDIT: Changed 1/8th to 1/5th, more realistic numbers.