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Tizen on the Galaxy Gear looks a lot like Tizen on the Gear 2

By Simon Sage on 14 May 2014 02:01 pm

The original Samsung Galaxy Gear is due to run the Tizen OS soon, and an early build has been previewed running smoothly on the smartwatch. Tizen launched not long ago on the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Neo, duplicating much of the Galaxy Gear's functionality, but without the Android base. There's now a sleep mode for measuring your napping patterns, an exercise mode which similarly clocks your movement, and a stand-alone music player to access locally-stored tunes. A double-tap shortcut link can now bring up any app you want, not just the settings. The system font, wallpaper, and icon size are customizable now too.

There's no information when the Tizen update will roll to original Samsung Galaxy Gear owners, but at least this gives you an idea of what to expect. As is, you can also check out our comparison of the Gear 2 running Tizen and the Galaxy Gear with Tizen to see how the two experiences compare. How many of you are looking forward to this update? Is Tizen a better fit for wearables, or would you rather they stick to Android?

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Tizen on the Galaxy Gear looks a lot like Tizen on the Gear 2


That announcement on May 28th that Samsung is making (not announcing a new product). As an owner of the original Galaxy Gear, Keeping my fingers crossed it's for this!

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All this activity around Tizen is huge news and will be hugely impactful to Google. Android is essentially dependent on Samsung. If Samsung decides to do their own thing with Tizen for the smartphones, they could single-handedly crush Android. It will be VERY interesting to watch! (no pun intended).

That would only be true IF Google says "Sure, run all Google services, the Play store, and any Android apps you want on Tizen."

Which they won't. The world of Android smartphones is much larger than the operating system. Samsung knows this.

63% of all Android devices being sold are Samsung. The average purchaser is not buying an "Android" phone, they're buying a "Samsung" phone. Google's revenue was $60bn last year while Samsung's $327bn! Samsung is a monster and if they wanted to attempt to create their own application ecosystem, they could very well do it.

It won't matter on the watch - specifically this generation of watches. The user experience is the same. To build apps you still have to use the Samsung standards and/or tools. Whether the underlying platform is Android or Tizen just doesn't matter in this case.