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TomTom's latest Go devices use your smartphone to keep you clear of traffic

TomTom Go
By Richard Devine on 11 May 2014 04:53 pm

When it comes to stand alone satellite navigation units you can't go far wrong with TomTom and its latest in the Go line will make good use of your smartphone while you're on the move. The new Go 40, 50 and 60 all come with free, lifetime Traffic information which it gathers by using your smartphone's data plan.

The real-time traffic information combines with TomTom's routing technology with the aim of keeping you moving and traffic free on your journeys. And you're getting a fair bit of traffic information to boot:

  • TomTom Traffic: TomTom drivers will be the first to know the faster route available. The new TomTom GO device is ready to receive TomTom Traffic by connecting to the driver's iPhone or Android Smartphone. It also comes with these innovative features:
  • Traffic overview: Drivers can see the full picture of all the traffic jams around them. Zoom in for a close-up view and zoom out for a bird's-eye view.
  • Traffic detail: Drivers can see traffic incidents in detail and know exactly which roads are congested, the length of the delay and what is causing the delay.
  • Traffic jam alerts: Drivers know exactly where a traffic jam starts and ends. Drivers receive alerts if you're approaching a jam too fast.

The new TomTom Go range starts at £139 in the UK. The "supported phones" are listed as iPhone and Android, but since it seems to rely on just a tethered data connection there's no real reason why Windows Phone and BlackBerry owners shouldn't be able to hook up as well.

TomTom has always made great navigation products, and these latest look to be no different. But with the advent of free navigation on our smartphones, would you still consider picking one up?

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TomTom's latest Go devices use your smartphone to keep you clear of traffic


Nope, won't get one since my smartphone does it all. Been using the Waze app a couple years to see the best routes. Main reason: my garmin gps dont get traffic updates and incidents (and no candies on the road: a waze thing). And now google navigation just updated to give you fastest route. So right now theres really no need to buy a stand-alone gps. The only thing i like about a Gps like tom tom or garmin, is that seems to pick your position at faster rate, meaning less delay when you start moving the car, or taking a turn. But smartphone is still very acceptable.

Dunno about Bluetooth but I remember having to hook some crappy antenna into the back of mine about 7 years ago to get very, very basic traffic updates.

Presumably using your Smartphone's data plan means better information and better re-routing based off it.

Have no reason to buy one. Between Waze and the new Maps update. I have what I need.

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They should just make a TomTom mobile app for Android or ios. But then again if they did have one and charged money for it, not many people would pay for it when you have great FREE options available.

I prefer Garmin here in Montreal and i want my phone to get a better GPS with traffic. The included GPS within my BB Z30 is pretty good but i'd rather have it with my Garmin map and including my saved locations.

Is TomTom in some financial trouble that no one knows about?

You do realize next to Nokia and Google TomTom owns the next largest Mapping company Teleatlas that supplies mapping data to Apple and BlackBerry.

Nokia sold there phone business but kept the mapping business. What does that tell you about the value of being one of the big three mapping companies around?

Gotta say, it's pulling data our of my smartphone - which itself has a multitude of map options - so how are these devices not completely redundant?

My Garmin hasn't left my glove box in a loooong while.

I myself love the stand alone. I am on the road a lot for work then being at a job site for 2 hours or more. When I do use my phone it heats up really hot, kills the battery, and most times I have to reset my phone after I use it, just to cool it down. I always plug my phone in when in my truck. I could see getting one of these since it would just steal info when my phone isn't "on".

There is a good reason to still have a TomTom or Garmin or whatever brand you like. Try going to a different country. I live near Detroit & Canada is just across the Detroit River. Once you cross the border & lose connection with your phone companies data.......your phone is nothing but a paper weight. If you have a destination set already it will get you there. Once you try to change directions or go someplace's useless.

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Sweet! always loved TomTom devices and apps but sadly the traffic service has never been available in the ME but the maps are fantastic.