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Toyota takes connected tech to the latest Aygo for Europe

Toyota Aygo
By Richard Devine on 7 Jun 2014 08:55 am

With the launch of the latest Aygo for Europe, Toyota has proved that you can buy a small car and still benefit from connected technology. As a whole the car is a pretty impressive step forward from the original, and certain trim levels include Toyota's x-touch multimedia system and built in Mirrorlink.

Mirrorlink is an open standard and is deployed in vehicles from various manufacturers, including VW. It allows you to connect your compatible smartphone to the in-car system and replicate supported applications and phone functions from the cars touch display.

The Toyota system also supports bluetooth music streaming as well as AUX input and USB, and it supports album art, too. The x-touch system provides a rear camera as standard and a 7-inch full touchscreen display integrated into the center console. Prices in the UK for models with all this onboard tech start at £10,995 and it will be on the road from July 1.

Reader comments

Toyota takes connected tech to the latest Aygo for Europe


good to see that people who don't like over sized / over priced cars don't be forgotten. And maybe this combination could be the best solution for people who are about the buy their first car and don't want to be bankrupted just because they want some high tech inside!

It sounds great however. Even tho toyota and samsung announce some time ago ( NEWS
Samsung Electronics to create smartphone connected car solution in collaboration with Toyota Motor Corporation
Feb 28, 2012 ) that Tey are working together on this its still not possible. I have the popular galaxy note 3 and have just purchased the new aygo and can't mirror the phone as there is no apps etc to link the two. The x-touch uses mirrorlink ( dosent work with samsung ) and even tho I have seen an app mentioned from samsung called drive link I have only seen it linked to the galaxy S3 but haven't seen the app it's self. So if a toyota samsung colabilation can't make it happen even after 2 years ( even tho they say they will ) will it ever happen....