Internet everywhere!

How many times have you been travelling and hunting for free Wi-Fi only to come up empty? GeeFi is a Kickstarter project that ensures your days of tracking down free internet are over!

Throw this in your bag!

GeeFi brings unlimited, high speed internet right to you, no matter where you travel. Sure you can do the SIM swap, or top up your plan with a data pack, but if you don't want to mess around with fees, and overages, GeeFi could be a great solution for you.

Simply power up GeeFi connect it to your Wi-Fi-enabled device and boom! You're online, baby! No more lurking in hotel lobbies, crouching in cafes, or trying to guess passwords for random Wi-Fi networks when you need internet access! You do pay $10 for each day you use GeeFi (a full 24 continuous hours), but this means you'll always have a great connection when you need it.



GeeFi brings you a secure, unlimited, 4G internet connection anywhere you go while travelling!

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Charge it

You can connect up to 10 devices of GeeFi, and really, how often would you ever need to bring 10 devices with you when you travel? GeeFi lasts 48 hours before it needs a recharge. If your phone or tablet is running low on juice, you can actually charge them off your GeeFi! This Kickstarter project ensures you'll always have unlimited access to the internet whenever you need it, wherever you are.