It's a case! It's a charging stand! It's the best way to travel with your Apple Watch!

The good folks at Twelvesouth have figured out all of the problems associated with travelling with your beautiful, expensive, Apple Watch, and solved them all with the genius design of the TimePorter.

On the go

Travelling with your tech is essential, but bringing along the right chargers and accessories, and making sure nothing gets lost or damaged, is a pain. The TimePorter for Apple Watch solves the problems and risks of taking your Apple Watch on the road by thinking about all of the things you would want to bring with you, and combining them into one unit. This handy accessory allows you to charge, display, and protect your watch when you hit the road.



TimePorter manages all your cables and extra watch straps and serves as a protective case, charger, and display stand when you travel with your Apple Watch.

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Hit the road

Anyone who has travelled with their six-foot Apple Watch cable knows how unruly this beast can be! Simply wrap the cable inside of the case's holder and then rest your charging block in the middle. Pop your charging disc into the TimePorter, slap in your extra watch band and you're ready for your next flight, roadtrip, or backpacking adventure (but good luck finding an outlet when trekking through the Rockies).

At the end of a full day, pull some cable out of the TimePorter and plug in the case. Rest your apple watch on top, and that's it! Your Apple Watch is displayed as a nice bedside clock and will be charged and ready after a good night's sleep, just like you!