If you're one to have trouble falling asleep at night, maybe the lights in your home are disrupting your natural clock. Decades of research by the Harvard Medical School, NASA, and other leading institutions has concluded that our body learns what time it is from the light in our environment, and today's lights can throw off your body clock by as much as three hours.

Meet Ario, a new Kickstarter campaign for a WiFi connected lamp that mimics the light of the sun to keep your body clock in sync. Aria will change the light direction and its color output dynamically throughout the day. The Ario lamp plugs into the wall, connects to your WiFI via a simple phone app, and comes up with a lighting schedule that evolves over time to suit your lifestyle.

So what can Ario do for you?

  • Wake up naturally with sunrise-like lighting
  • Increase focus and productivity with energizing blue-rich light
  • Relax in the evening with sunset-like amber lighting
  • Sleep better at night
  • Improve health: manage weight, reduce stress, increase antioxidant levels, and boost immune system

The Ario lamp is seeking pledges of $199 per lamp, and they estimate delivery by September 2016. They've already surpassed their pledge goals, so barring any unforeseen challenges, production of the Ario will move forward. The company says the $199 price per lamp is a 50% markdown over the future retail price.

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