If the FurniQi is not your type of furniture piece, or you already happen to own a side table that you're pretty fond of, but just wish it could charge your device then this might be for you.

Zens is a company that specializes in wireless charging products, and they have released the Zens Puk Furniture Charger that can be integrated fairly easily into almost any piece of existing furniture to give it QI charging capability. It requires a little bit of handiness, as you need to attach it to existing furniture by drilling or grinding the groove for the Zens Puk to sit in. It can be installed to be invisible, or you get a plastic cover that will clip onto the Puk and always serve as an indication of the charge spot. It offers seven coils that gives you a large charging area and is built to withstand any liquid spills. The Zens Puk retails for €49.99 ($55 USD)

Purchase a Zens Wireless Charger / €49.99