Keyless, code-less, completely secure access to your home.

Hate racing across town to get home before your guests show up? Annoyed with booking time off to be home for contractor appointments? Worry about your weirdo ex-roommate who kept his key and still tries to come and crash at your place? Turn your smartphone into a smart key and create virtual keys for visitors (and keep any unwanted people out) with August Smart Lock.

Secure. Seamless. Simple.

The August Smart Lock replaces the interior side of your standard deadbolt and handles entry into your home when you can't. Your original door hardware remains the same (and can still be used when you want). The sleek-looking smart lock requires no key to open the door...just an invitation from you to whomever you want to let in, whether it's the dog walker, plu,mber out-of-town guests, friends or family.

Give permission to access your home, or take it away, at any time. Grant access for just a few minutes, a day, a night, a week, or even a month. Or give permission for entry at a particular time on a particular day. As the keymaster, that's up to you. August won't grant access to people who don't have permission.

August Smart Lock


The August Smart Lock gives you the power to lock and unlock your door, create virtual keys for guests, and keep track of who comes and goes, all from your phone.

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Know who's coming and going

With the August Home app, you'll receive alerts on your phone when each visitor arrives and you'll be notified when that person leaves and the door has locked behind them. The lock's unique key codes show you precisely who's coming and going.

The lock is perfect for those days when you're balancing grocery bags at the door and can't risk rummaging around for your keys. August will recognize it's you and unlock the door.

The smart lock isn't connected to your wireless router or your electrical service, so if there are any power outages or surges, you can rest assured your house will be secure.