This week on KickedTV, Drew and Kim bring us five new products looking for Crowdfunding.

At # 5 is the Pop Kitchen, a fully portable cooking solution, that you can take camping, the beach, tailgate party or wherever. This complete culinary workstation can be quickly compacted into an easy to transport container. Large, durable wheels allow it to roll over any terrain, and it can be lifted into a car by a single person. It has a quick unlock and lift folding table that gives over 5 1/2 feet of counter space. The 15" sink can run either off a garden hose, or hand pressurized water tank. For cooking, the 12,000 BTU burner runs off isobutane canisters or propane tank with a LPG adapter. Along with the side table, you also get a 18" food-safe side table that can be used as a recessed cutting board. The Pop Kitchen is expected to retail for around $2750 and units are expected to ship out June 2016.

Pledge to get your hands on the first production Pop Kitchen / $2750

At # 4 is Greycork. Greycork is living room furniture that can be shipped right to your door and be easily assembled. No tools are required, and the furniture is put together using thumb nuts and washers. Made from high-quality materials, Greycork hopes to cater to people looking for furniture that can be quick assembled and can shipped right to their door. The furniture line includes a Sofa and Chaise, Side Table, Coffee Table, and Bookshelf, each of which can be assembled in around 4 minutes.

Pledge to get your Greycork furniture

At # 3 is Mycroft. What looks like a fancy alarm clock, is actually a device build on the Raspberry Pi and Arduino platforms meant as a total home A.I solution. The Mycroft is open source and takes voice commands to control almost anything that can be connected to the internet. It can connect to your SmartThings hub, WeMo devices, Philips Hue, Netflix players, Nest devices and can control lights, door locks, coffee machines, Roomba vacumes, and much much more. The Mycroft can act as a personal assistant and control any smart device in your home without the need of your smartphone. With a pledge of $99 you will get your hands on the Mycroft Basic, or $129 for the extendable version. Shipping on the first units is expected for July 2016.

Pledge to get the Mycroft / $99 - $129

At # 2 is Buddy. The Dog Collar re-imagined, a fully integrated LED dog collar with built real-time GPS tracking. High-output LED lighting keeps your dog illuminated and visible from potential collisions. Track your dogs activity with the smartphone App and see how many steps they've taken, calories they've burnt or even minutes spend sleeping. You can even track your dogs diet, and join and share comments and photos with other Buddy owners in the area. Input appointments and reminders specific to your dog and never miss a vet appointment again. Buddy can connect to your NEST thermostat and adjust temperatures if it senses your dog getting too hot. The Wi-Fi charging dock for the collar can also act as a geofence and alert you if your pet leaves the designated area. The early bird $199 pledges are gone, but for $245 there are still some units available. Buddy is expected to retail for $450 and is expected to ship by July 2016.

Pledge to get your Buddy Dog Collar / $245

The # 1 Crowdfunded project of the week is the Touchjet Wave. The Wave turns any TV into a touchscreen device using bleeding edge infrared technology to track finger movement and taps across the screen. The wave is quick and easy to install, simply attach it to the top of your tv, plug into the HDMI port and calibrate your tv using its setup. The unit uses an embedded Android 4.4 OS and can run any Android App or Game for endless fun and interactive possibilities. Control the WAVE using the Touchjet mobile companion app, and quickly share images and files right from your mobile device. The Touchjet WAVE will work with any TV sized 20" to 80" while the companion App will run on both iOS or Android devices. There are still some $119 pledges available that estimate March 2016 as your Wave shipping date.

Pledge to get your Touchjet Wave / $119